Annemie has wide ranging experience in designing and implementing significant organizational change and transformation in multi-national businesses including: innovation and people and focusing on future trends as they specifically impact leadership, talent, culture, diversity and complexity.

Her groundbreaking work in the field of People Innovation allows Annemie to approach organizational, leadership and strategic challenges from a very different, unique and results driven perspective.

In a highly digital world, successful organizations and leaders, need to adapt at pace to ever increasing levels of complexity.

People Innovation can be described as the art through which innovative business and people insights are created, that drive real world actions and sustainable change, that meet the complexity and innovation challenges faced by businesses and leaders today.

Through People Innovation, insights are embedded quickly, and new habits are created that become hard wired leading to better decision making, quality of thinking, and new ways of achieving business results.

Annemie applies a People Innovation approach to all the areas that she has a proven track-record of delivery in. She works with leaders and businesses at various stages of growth in the following sectors: Technology, e-Commerce, FMCG, Financial Services, Telecommunications (VOIP) and Local Government.

Annemie is also

  • The Founder of PurpleBeach, which brings together business leaders and thinkers to share experiences that transform thinking, change perceptions and ultimately lead to new ways of doing business. (httpp://


  • an Associate Director of The Energy Project Europe



Tel: +44 7787 572386