The largest global producer of Platinum Group metals, with over 60,000 employees.

‘I was curious to know what ‘Great’ looked like but needed someone like a mentor to help me get there. I also felt I would benefit from a mentor as a safe sounding board and to give me honest feedback but I wanted to be mentored by someone outside the mining industry and South Africa. David was everything I was looking for. He’s challenged me constantly and is never content with conventional responses, bringing fresh energy and ideas into all aspects of the business. 

David acts as my own personal leadership development conscience, pushing me to continue developing despite my hectic life running a large business. My personal passion has been to identify what drives people to make a difference and so David and I have really connected around his own fascination with “making a difference”. 

David cares deeply about the people he mentors, absolutely focussed on helping them become the best version of themselves. Every CEO needs a mentor like David.