‘The mentors I passed over to work with David had some impressive ‘alphabet soup’ behind their names but their ‘wisdom’ was rooted in textbooks. David on the other hand, had built, run, grown, bought and sold businesses. He had succeeded, come very close to failing and had made and lost money. If anyone knew the difference between a good and a bad idea it was David. There is no substitute for experience so choosing him was a no-brainer and his impact on my life was immediate. He’s enlightened me in a lot of different areas, more than he’ll ever know. He’s made me look at things differently and made me want to do more. 

David is a great weapon to have in your arsenal. He is fun, a joy to be around and also entrepreneurial, dynamic and constantly moving forward while remaining sensitive and empathetic. I feel very lucky to have had David as a mentor, but more so now as a friend.’