For more than 25 years, Jennifer has been an an avid explorer and pioneer in the fields of human potential and energy psychology. She is a specialist in transformational change. We refer to her as our ‘secret weapon’.

Utilising leading-edge, right-brain techniques based in quantum physics and ‘new biology’, she assists our clients to effectively align with their potential, both personally and professionally, in a life-altering way. 

Breaking cycles of self-sabotaging thoughts and actions requires more than just increased knowledge and willpower. Jennifer gets results by using laser-like techniques that re-pattern outdated beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviours. Clients are often surprised to learn that they resonate with unhelpful or conflicting perceptions, and the extent to which these have been impacting their lives.

Using processes that partner powerfully with traditional coaching, mentoring, counselling and consulting, she addresses issues at the level of their root cause – rather than effect, or ‘symptom’ – to improve performance and get results in the most expeditious, yet expedient, manner. 

Achieving this shift involves moving beyond the ‘stories’ that we cling to, consciously or subconsciously. Such stories can limit us. They can lead to stress when there should be peace. They can create confusion when there should be clarity. They can manifest themselves in physical ailments. In order to grow, we must release the ‘charge’ that gives them power over us and be free to choose new responses. Jennifer facilitates such profound changes with the people she works with. 

Drawing on a wide range of experience, her approach may include a variety of complementary therapies and techniques, such as psychometric profiling, conflict resolution, emotional release processes, kinesiology, nutrition, and more. 

Jennifer holds a BA. Dip Ed from the University of Sydney, has specialised in transpersonal psychology, and has spent more than 15 years in private practice, at times working alongside teams of executive coaches. Her mentoring helps both individuals, and teams, break through the psychological roadblocks that keep them from peak performance and inner peace.

Jennifer is based in Sydney, Australia. Her previous career experiences include teaching, training, writing and publishing. On a personal level, she loves travel (she spent 14 years writing and editing travel magazines) and feels deeply nourished by living close to the ocean. She enjoys theatre, movies, art, music, nature, and being fully engaged in creative pursuits, deep silence, meaningful conversation, or sharing quality time with her young nephew.

Mobile: +61 411 543 733