I once heard an ancient Chinese story about how a mirror is the most valuable weapon or tool a person can ever have, because it makes you look at yourself. David holds the mirror up for you and talking to David is like walking through a mirror maze. Our relationship is not so much about David giving me advice as me using him to reflect back my choices. That way I can understand the consequences of the choices I’m making and adjust them. He’s also made me see ambitions I didn’t even know I had.

I used to think there might be something a little clinical about mentors but not with David. Once he selects you as a client he quickly develops a deep connection that feels like a proper friendship. He becomes the sort of friend you can talk to about anything. 

Of course David has flaws and foibles like everyone else but he faces them head on and that makes him credible. He walks the talk and leads by example, like all great leaders. The joke, “Take my advice, I’m not using it,” certainly doesn’t apply to my friend David Carter.’