Matthew Kelly is a significant voice and positive force in the field of personal development. Apart from his best-selling books that have sold several million copies, he is a serial entrepreneur, a business consultant, and a visionary in the non-profit world. His resounding message is that we are each here to become ‘the best version of ourselves’.

On Business: As CEO of Floyd Consulting, Matthew has consulted to more than fifty Fortune 500 companies on diverse subjects including employee engagement and social responsibility. His clients include McDonalds, Proctor & Gamble, the US Navy, Ernst & Young, FedEx, HSBC, Pepsi, GlaxoSmithKline, Ohio Health, and 3M, as well as hundreds of other organizations.

On Life: The Matthew Kelly Foundation has helped more than two million students discover their mission in life. Using revolutionary training programs in schools, his foundation has been changing lives for the better by teaching children to celebrate ‘the best version of themselves’ for more than fifteen years.

On Spirituality: Looking for the challenge of a lifetime, in 2008 Matthew foundered The Dynamic Catholic Institute to research the difference between highly engaged Catholics and massively disengaged Catholics. The institute is now using the discoveries from the research to develop world-class learning systems to bring the world’s largest religious group into the 21st century.

Writing: Matthew’s passionate interest in helping people and organizations explore and surpass their potential spreads across audiences in the following areas, business, personal development, marriage and family, religion and spirituality.

Matthew’s uncanny ability to articulate what it is that makes people and organizations tick, as well as what they need to do to reach optimum performance, means millions, including myself, keep returning over and again to his sage words. His books include The Dream ManagerThe Rhythm of LifeThe Seven Levels of IntimacyBuilding Better FamiliesOff Balance, amongst others.

Matthew and I have committed to collaborate with one significant major client per year, bringing together 50 years-worth of expertise in leadership and culture development to create a game-changer for one business or institution. We both deeply believe the only purpose of every organisation is to become ‘the best version of itself’. And a company can only ever become ‘the best version of itself’ to the extent that the people who are driving that company and those throughout the enterprise are becoming ‘better versions of themselves’. The destiny of any organisation and its employees is inextricably linked. We unleash the untapped human potential in organisations and in so doing generate 25% better profits within three years. Our 100 man-day first project intervention separates significant organisations from merely successful ones. We offer an ‘X-factor’ ingredient that few other strategic consulting based interventions deliver.

Matthew and I are also collaborating on a book due for release in

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