If intentions define our state of consciousness, then Richard Hames is an evolutionary architect, deeply engrossed by the state of the world and the continuing story of the human family on this planet. Recently described by Forbes Asia as one of the smartest people on the planet, Richard works collaboratively across many different fields. Although not lacking in academic credentials he is widely considered to be one of the most pragmatic of today’s intellectuals. This reputation is the result of a singular curiosity and love for the future of humanity, coupled with a rare ability to see critical patterns in situations where others may discern only chaos. Fusing intuition and intellect, imagination and analysis, Richard and his colleagues in The Hames Group have helped numerous organisations overcome seemingly impossible strategic obstacles to embrace new and prosperous futures.

As one of the world’s most eminent futurists Richard brings great authority to our work – his standing in the field being that of an elder statesman. He was previously Chairman of the Australian Foresight Institute and is currently the founding President and Chairman of the Asian Foresight Institute in Bangkok. When Richard speaks, others listen. He has examined in considerable depth topics across the entire range of human endeavours – from the future of conflict to the convergence of science and spirituality, digital technologies, financial services, transport, corporate media, urban development, terrorism, taxation, healthcare, the global monetary system, social networks, political systems, energy, natural resource management, education – and much, much more.

In corporate circles Richard has been dubbed “the alchemist” for his rare ability to connect the dots on global affairs in such a way that clarity emerges from the fog of uncertainty, alternatives become distinct, and optimal pathways into the most desired futures open up before our eyes. Because of this prowess Richard’s advice is sought by some of the world’s most innovative companies and by government agencies that, while accepting the need for systemic renewal and reinvention, have only limited appreciation of the options available to them. His inclination is always to collaborate; a rare generosity of spirit enabling the expansion of knowledge through the connection of people and ideas.

Within the foresight community Richard is highly regarded as a master knowledge designer. In this context he brings a sensibility for integral design and systems thinking into his practice; proposing a range of future possibilities that are always poetically expressed, strategically inspired, yet capable of transcending present paradoxes. In this field Richard is best known for pioneering Deep Design – a groundbreaking approach to whole-system change based on curating transformational dialogues within immersive decision-theatre environments. Richard’s other methodologies, including Strategic Navigation, Strategic Acupuncture and Epiphany all apply generative learning principles to the strategic management of organizations in dynamically complex environments.

Richard’s impact is never negligible. Clients invariably express their admiration for the way he is able to put his finger on the pulse of what really matters to them, then use that raw material to weave future narratives that are socially desirable, politically acceptable, esthetically compelling, ethically acceptable, culturally tolerant and economically feasible.

The greatest gift Richard gives his clients is the capacity to actively challenge the status quo (with absolute transparency, authenticity and integrity) in the quest for better and more resilient futures.