Robin is one of Europe’s leading communication coaches, working with CEOs, Boards and senior professionals.

As an actor, he is a well-known face to audiences on television and the London stage and is a popular voice over artist and presenter – annually MC for the World Tennis Masters at the 02 Arena in London – and is a regular facilitator and keynote speaker at conferences.

As a professional writer, Robin is able to advise clients on the structure and content of their message. His input into pitch preparation has helped many companies win new business. He is experienced in working within a range of settings, from large conferences to small meetings, from television and radio to telephone and conference calls. His cross-cultural experience is invaluable to international organizations.

Real impact starts with the voice, it is the foundation of all communication. Robin works closely with clients on their voice at a deep level, learning how to keep it ‘centred’, sounding real and authentic; and understanding how nerves and certain situations pull us off centre.

He helps clients to be physically aware, treading that fine line between confidence and arrogance – to be physically dynamic, yet still open and relaxed; and suggests specific exercises to control the mind and body. Robin was born in Lancashire, the son of a headmaster. His two grandfathers were respectively a self-made cotton manufacturer and a British Ambassador.

He lives in London with his partner and two step-children. Robin’s experience, enthusiasm and sense of humour, make his sessions memorable, fun and above all, highly effective.


Mobile: +44 79775 40467