Sonia has come to know, through hands-on, personal experience with major multi-nationals, in all the world’s continents, during her career of 20+ years, within and outside of corporate systems, that it is ultimately the quality (authenticity) of relationships that sits at the heart of developing effective and high performance cultures. Through her leadership of the ‘Breakout’ transformation journey at ANZ Banking group, and time as Senior Practice Expert (Organisation Behaviour) at McKinsey and Company, Sonia has developed whole systems perspective and approaches to transform organisational cultures. Leverage needs to be consciously and concurrently applied over all the critical elements including the contextual business imperative, leadership – formal and informal, aligned systems and processes, compelling story and importantly the development of personal mastery in mindset and behaviours within the organisation’s people.

As David works with CEOs and leaders at the highest level, it sometimes becomes apparent that the vision of the leader needs to be translated into a transformation of the culture of the organisation. It is this that I do. I support David and his work with CEOs to shift culture.

Remaining ahead of the increasingly demanding curve of change requires ‘continual and conscious renewal’ that develops organisational resilience and transformation as a way of life. It is not about ‘fixing’ things and returning to business as usual, nor is it a project, program or intervention. My philosophy and deliverable is to develop internal capabilities and consciousness within the organisation through a partnership approach, thus ensuring self-leadership of cultural evolution as an integrated and essential part of the strategic business agenda in the 21st century.

Elements addressed may include (and not be limited to) scoping and diagnostic of current situation including contextual drivers, developing a perspective and description of the desired future, identifying the shifts required in order to shift the culture from the current to the future, engaging and aligning the top team, identifying structural, process and systems shifts that are necessary to embed the shifts, orchestration of the implementation by leveraging organisational leadership, talent and fully integrated communications strategy. Measurement and tracking is integral.

The golden thread is the personal approach that David and I both share, working with CEOs or whole organisations.

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