The Counsellor@ The Challenge of Excellence, Susan Kaye brings more than 30 years in Practice as a qualified counsellor working with individuals, couples, business partnerships, family businesses, executive/president level teams, high profile sports athletes and in a voluntary capacity with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Her international client base has taken her to the US, Japan, Brazil, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, UAE and China as well as her home ground in England.  

Over her years of experience and in working with thousands of different clients from all walks of life, backgrounds and cultures and in multiple settings, Susan has developed expertise in a range of specialised approaches to help her clients move forward and achieve desired change for a broad range of personal and professional issues and challenges.  Susan’s philosophy is that different people respond best to different approaches at different times during a therapeutic or professional development process as well as during their different life stages.  To this end Susan uses an integrative approach to counselling and all of her coaching and mentoring work.

Her corporate or sports clients work involve the crossover between life and work, aiming to achieve success and balance in both areas transferring best practice from each arena into the other.   Clients are able to use Susan and the working relationship as a mirror, feeling and perceiving situations from different perspectives. 

Susan has designed and delivered hundreds of activities for clients as they work with her in a learning environment; she specialises in creating experiential learning metaphors specifically tailored to address specific objectives, a powerful anchoring approach so that her client/s can ‘play’, practise and learn simultaneously.  Susan may use her clients’ interests as a basis for the design of such activity, such as golf, football, rugby or a fitness activity as well as activities such as mask making, table top ‘sculpture’ and role play.  Maintaining this flexible and integrative approach can often help clients to achieve fresh perspectives on long embedded issues. 

Family Business Advising  Over the last 20 years Susan’s interests and work took her naturally into the field of family business counselling and consulting.  She has worked internationally with multiple generations of families from founder level /2nd generation sibling partnerships up to 6th generation large global family firms and cousin consortiums.   Depending on their size, these highly private complex entities involve a range of multi-faceted and intricate relationships which are family, financially and professionally oriented and these can often cause conflicting loyalties based on perceived different objectives.

Youth Education During Susan’s years of professional experience and interaction with clients from all over the world in supporting their desired change, clients would often say to her, I wish I knew all this when I was young’.  In 2007, Susan turned her attention to the younger generation and designed and co-founded Tsu’Chu Biz, a 4-day course for 13-19 year olds that uses ‘play’ and the game of football to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit, attitudes of entrepreneurship and personal development.  Reaching more than 1500 youngsters in the UK and internationally and in more than 50 state schools, colleges and universities, this has been some of Susan’s most inspirational and life changing work to date and she continues to lobby Government to consider the course’s inclusion into the National Curriculum.

Collaborative Practice When a client requires additional expertise, such as legal or financial advice Susan works collaboratively with other professionals to provide the best outcome for that client.  To this end Susan has known and enjoyed working with David Carter for more than twenty years.

Qualifications & Memberships  Susan is a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and practices within BACP’s Ethical Framework.  She is a trained and qualified personal and couples counsellor holding a Diploma in Group Counselling through Relate and The Institute of Group Analysis.  She trained as an experiential learning specialist in the USA and advised and was an associate faculty member for Ashridge Business School for their outdoor experiential learning team and leadership and coaching facility.  Susan is an accredited Family Business Adviser and Fellow of the Family Firm Institute (USA) - an international organisation promoting multi-disciplinary collaboration for professionals consulting to family businesses from the fields of law, finance, business management and the behavioural and therapeutic sciences.  In 1993 Susan was invited to serve on FFI’s Task Force as its ‘Body of Knowledge’ volume of work was laying out best practice for professionals consulting in the field. 

Susan has two married daughters and five grandchildren.

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